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About this course

About this course

Recognized by Language Canada, the French program is designed for those whose native language is not French. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for French conversation, reading, listening, writing, for academic purposes, as well as preparation for tests such as TEFaQ, TEF, and TFI®.

FSL french program

FRENCH – BEGINNER: The levels 1 to 3 are designed for complete beginners or people with limited knowledge of French. This course helps students strengthen their skills so that they can have a basic conversations. It will help them acquire a general vocabulary and master the present tense whilst beginning to see the easier forms of the past tense.
FRENCH – TEF/TEFAQ PREPARATION: This is a full-time preparation for the TEF and TEFAQ exams. You will work on your oral expression and comprehension, do mock exams, and all the other activities recommended by highly experienced teachers.
FRENCH – INTERMEDIATE: From level 4 to level 6, students will delve into more complex aspects of French grammar and structure. The objective is to work towards a more fluent oral proficiency and to improve students' writing skills.
FRENCH – ACADEMIC: You will work to obtain skills useful in your future academic endeavors such as writing essays in French, analyzing complex texts critically or giving structured presentations on a subject.
FRENCH – ADVANCED: In levels 7 to 9, we tackle the most complex point of French, deciphering the tone and subtlety of the language. Working towards C1 competence, i.e. the ability to express oneself easily and precisely both orally and in writing.







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A word from a Graduate

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Stacey. Je suis de Chine et je suis étudiante au Collège Canada. J'ai commencé à suivre le cours de français ici en Avril dernier. Mon professeur est très patient et l'environnement et l'atmosphère d'apprentissage sont superbes. Au College, nous apprenons le vocabulaire, nous travaillons la prononciation et la compréhension orale. Les séances d'interaction sont également.

Stacey, niveau 9