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Following the collaboration agreement with l’OQLF, Canada College will now be able to support you in your professional journey by helping you prepare for the French test of the Office Québécois de la Langue Française. This preparation course is designed for candidates of all professional orders, but more specifically nurses, engineers, doctors and real estate brokers.

For more information on the process to pass the tests at the OQLF, please click on the following link:

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  • Prepare students for the French test of the OQLF;
  • Develop an understanding of the exam structure, evaluation criteria and test-taking techniques;
  • Develop the necessary abilities to be evaluated on the four assessed skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) using technical and linguistic strategies;
  • Learn to work in groups in a professional setting in French;
  • Build students’ exam confidence through a personalized approach based on practice tests.
Canada College preparation course will give you an overview of the format and requirement of the tests and provide information on the tasks and evaluation criteria. It will address the 4 skills while focusing on exam-taking strategies to succeed with confidence.

Each lesson focuses on the students’ needs and offers a series of communication scenarios intended to promote their autonomy in the learning process and build confidence to take the OQLF exam with assurance.

Our highly experienced teachers will prepare the students to the exam’s four activities:

  • Understand a case study by reading a text;
  • Take part in a group conversation related to the situation with other candidates;
  • Write a summary of the previous group conversation;
  • Partake in a role play activity with an evaluator by adapting the speech to the case study.

Please note : Participation in this course does not guarantee success in the official tests given by the OQLF. Before registering to the preparation course, it is highly recommended that the student has reached an intermediate level in French. Furthermore, to increase the chances of successfully passing the test, it is important that students devote a significant amount of time to homework due to the format of the course.

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1. Text comprehension

We teach you how to read the case study which contains two texts:

  • A situation (given to all candidates)
  • A worksheet (different for each person)

2. Group Conversation

We prepare you for a simulated professional reunion in connection with the case study of the first activity.  You will have two tasks to complete:

  • Communicate the information found on the worksheet you were given through role-play and interact with the other participating candidates to collect the information they have;
  • In a group, find possible solutions and recommendations. It will be possible to take notes.

To be able to adequately participate in the next activity, it is crucial that you actively take part in this one first.

3. Writing a text

You will practice writing a text based on your profession, which will be between 150 and 200 words, where you will have to present a solution or recommendations based on the previous discussion.  

You will be allowed to use only the notes previously taken and the worksheet that you were given during the first activity.


4. Individual conversation

Someone involved in the case study will share new facts concerning it and you will have to provide them with ideas for a solution based on the conversation.

Our teachers will play the role of that person. By the end of the preparation course, you will be able to share solutions or procedures to follow that you will have identified.

Course Fees

Group Courses

Course duration : 30 hours
Course Schedule : Sessions of 2h30 / 2 days a week / 6 weeks
Price : $ 465 CAD (taxes included)

Private Courses

5 hours:           $ 395 CAD (taxes included)

10 hours:         $ 745 CAD (taxes included)

Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), the college is recognized as a college-level technical institution – Permit 693550
Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Collège Canada inc. is recognized as a private educational institution at vocational training level – Permit 660500

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