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IELTS Preparation

4 Weeks IELTS Preparation Course

Study online with authentic IELTS preparation courses in real-time with experienced IELTS examiners – live from Canada College, Montreal.

Course Description  

Our regular online IELTS Preparation course is tailored for those aiming for both Academic and General Training tests. It offers comprehensive insights into the format, evaluation process, and results interpretation. Spanning 24 hours, the course thoroughly addresses all 4 skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing), emphasizing strategies to enhance test performance and confidence. Suitable for students at a High-Intermediate English level, it provides extensive practice opportunities, including timed question-and-task sessions in a supportive environment.

The course consists of 8 lessons, each 3 hours long, spread over 4 weeks. Every lesson, centered on student engagement, incorporates communicative tasks geared towards independent study and bolstering confidence for the IELTS exam.

Note: This course is recommended for students who have reached a High-Intermediate level in English. Due to the course’s duration, additional practice with home tests is advised for optimal results.

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Course Goals  

  • Prepare students for the IELTS exam.
  • Develop understanding of the exam structure, assessment criteria, and exam techniques.
  • Enhance test-taking skills for the 4 sections through strategic language exercises.
  • Build exam confidence using a student-centered approach and practice questions.

Skill Outcomes 

By the course’s end, students will improve in:


  • Using descriptive and idiomatic language accurately.
  • Preparing for extended responses.
  • Expressing ideas and opinions clearly.
  • Employing natural linking words and effective responses.


  • Responding comprehensively to various IELTS writing tasks.
  • Planning and organizing ideas within time constraints.
  • Writing logically with well-structured paragraphs, details, examples, and effective linking language.
  • Utilizing diverse language styles appropriate to each task.


  • Understanding texts of varying difficulty and length.
  • Responding to different question types.
  • Employing strategies for identifying main ideas and details quickly.
  • Recognizing paraphrasing in questions and texts.


  • Applying strategies like prediction and key word/paraphrase identification.
  • Recognizing specific sounds, numbers, and letters.
  • Following extended spoken texts.
  • Using strategies to pinpoint key details and words with limited listening opportunities.

Duration: 24 hours – 4 weeks

Cost: $375.00 (including tax)

Registration fee: $50.00

IELTS Intensive Preparation Course

Engage in intensive IELTS preparation course, in real-time with experienced IELTS examiners from Canada College, Montreal.

Course Description  

This intensive online IELTS Preparation course, designed for those targeting Academic and General Training tests, provides a deep dive into the test’s format, assessment, and results interpretation. The 15-hour curriculum comprehensively covers all 4 skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing), focusing on test-taking strategies for enhanced confidence. Ideal for High-Intermediate level English learners, it offers ample practice through timed exercises in an encouraging setting.

This course includes 5 lessons, each lasting 3 hours, conducted over one week. Lessons are student-focused, featuring communicative tasks that lead to independent study and increased confidence for the IELTS exam.

Note: This course is suitable for students who have achieved a High-Intermediate level of English. Given the course’s condensed nature, supplementing with practice tests at home is crucial for achieving success.


Course Goals  

  • Equip students for the IELTS exam.
  • Develop an understanding of the exam’s structure, evaluation criteria, and techniques.
  • Enhance test-taking skills for all sections through strategic exercises.
  • Build confidence through a student-centric approach and hands-on practice.

Skill Outcomes  

By the end of the course students will be able to:  


  • Accurately use descriptive and idiomatic language.
  • Prepare for more extended responses.
  • Clearly express and describe ideas with personal opinions.
  • Utilize natural linking words and identify effective responses.



  • Fully respond to a range of IELTS writing tasks.
  • Plan and organize ideas under timed conditions.
  • Write coherently with structured paragraphs, including detailed supporting evidence and examples, using effective linking language.
  • Apply varied language appropriately for each task.



  • Comprehend texts of varying difficulties and lengths.
  • Understand and answer diverse types of questions.
  • Use reading strategies to quickly identify main ideas and details.
  • Find paraphrasing in questions and texts.


Implement strategies like predicting answers and listening for key words/paraphrases.

Identify specific sounds

IELTS Intensive Preparation course: 15 hours – 1 week ($235.00, including tax)
Registration fee: $50.00

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