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Preparation Course

Canada College TEF/TEFAQ Preparation Course

Study online in real-time for your TEF/TEFAQ exam with our preparation courses given by our seasoned teachers – at Canada College, Montreal.


Course Description

This comprehensive online course is specifically designed for those preparing for the TEF/TEFAQ/TEF CANADA/TEF IRN exams. It offers a detailed overview of the exam format, requirements, and an insight into the testing and evaluation methods. The course thoroughly addresses the four core competencies (reading, listening, writing, speaking) and focuses on effective strategies for successful test performance. This course is ideally suited for individuals who have achieved an intermediate-advanced level in French, guiding them in question formulation, task execution, and time management within a success-oriented environment. Tailored to meet students’ needs, our preparation course provides communicative scenarios that promote autonomous learning and confidence-building for the TEF/TEFAQ exam.

Canada College primarily offers this course in a private format, this way the preparation is tailored specifically to the student’s needs. They can choose the number of hours, as well as the competencies, specific to their learning needs.

Note: Canada College TEF/TEFAQ Preparation Course should ONLY be taken if the student has reached a High-Intermediate level of French. Because the course is short, it is important that students supplement time with practice tests at home to achieve successful results.

Course Objectives:

  • Prepare students for the TEF/TEFAQ exam
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the exam structure, criteria, and techniques
  • Enhance techniques for mastering the 4 competencies (listening, reading, speaking, writing) using targeted linguistic strategies.
  • Boost student confidence with personalized training and mock exam practice.


Skill Acquisition by Course End:

With Canada College TEF/TEFAQ Preparation course, students will enhance their skills in the four language categories that are required to pass the TEF/TEFAQ test.

By the end of the course students will have improved these skills:


Oral Expression:

  • Master syntax and descriptive functions of the language
  • Enrich vocabulary and adapt lexicon to various situations, choosing the appropriate language register
  • Employ logical connectors naturally
  • Engage in extended conversations and debates on everyday topics, providing precise and apt responses.


Written Expression:

  • Answer TEF/TEFAQ written expression test questions
  • Develop plans and organize ideas within time constraints
  • Structure ideas into paragraphs with appropriate connectors, supporting arguments with examples and suitable linguistic features
  • Adapt the language vocabulary to each specific situation and master the layout of written French.


Reading Comprehension:

  • Understand texts of varying lengths and complexities
  • Answer diverse sample questions efficiently
  • Employ reading strategies to swiftly identify main ideas
  • Recognize and interpret paraphrasing in questions and texts, and comfortably navigate francophone media.


Listening Comprehension:

  • Implement strategies such as vocabulary prediction, proactive listening, and key word/paraphrase identification
  • Recognize specific sounds, numbers, and letters
  • Follow complex conversational threads
  • Utilize various strategies to discern key information in a single listening session.

Register for TEF/TEFAQ Preparation Course

This preparation course is offered in private lessons. You can register for TEF/TEFAQ exam preparation lessons for online classes.

Private Class: $50/hour

Group Class: Not available at the moment

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