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About this course

About this course

Recognized by Language Canada, English courses can be taken in the mornings or in the evenings, full-time or part-time. Our methodology has proven itself over the years as we look forward to helping you enrich your English language and academic skills. Our college can help you improve your test score to the level required for academic or immigration purposes.

ESL English Immersion

BEGINNERS: The levels 1 to 3 are for complete beginners or students with limited knowledge of English. The course will help students develop their skills and give them an understanding of English grammar and some vocabulary.
IELTS PREPARATION: This is a full-time course preparing students to take the IELTS. You will work on improving the four competencies tested in the IELTS (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The main goal is to create an environment mirroring real exam situations so that students can get feedback on their performances from experienced teachers.
INTERMEDIATE: Levels 4 to 6 build on previous knowledge, we explore more complex points of grammar and work towards more fluent spoken English and greater fluency in writing.
ACADEMIC: This course is intended for advanced students only. It is an excellent preparation for academic endeavors in English. You will work on critical thinking, essay writing and text analysis.
ADVANCED: Levels 7 to 9 are designed to improve your English language skills so that you can understand idioms and tone. As you move up the levels you will be able to see and use the different registers of English and move towards a perfect control of the written and oral language.







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A word from a Student

I am very pleased to have discovered College Canada and I will continue to study here because it' s a comfortable environment for the student. Our professor Frances is very attentive to the students and manages the class in a professional manner. I have learned a lot and made progress in the language learning process.

Hedieh Shaban

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